Hello, I'm Peter Bjuhr!

I'm an interaction designer and front-end developer from Umeå, Sweden. I'm currently studying towards a masters degree in Interaction technology and design at Umeå University, where I've learned to create great digital user experiences.

Welcome to my portfolio, below you’ll find some of my work!

File sharing application

The goal of my master thesis was to design a prototype for a file sharing application. The project included user studies, wireframing, prototyping and user testing. The final prototype was designed using Sketch and Invision, and later implemented in AngularJS.

UX, Prototyping, AngularJS

Manager Cup

Manager cup is an online fantasy football manager game. The game starts with a draft where players build their teams. Players can create teams, join leagues and then trade or sign players from the top european football clubs. If the real players delivers in the actual tournaments, the fantasy team receives points!

UX, MEAN-stack

Tegs SK Hockey

In the summer of 2014, my former hockey team Tegs SK needed new marketing- and sale strategies. I built a responsive WordPress web page, and contributed to their marketing department by handeling social media, designing sale folders, game programs, tickets and more.

UX, WordPress, Graphic Design

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Geo Profiles

Geo Profiles is an Android application that automatically changes the settings of your phone depending on your position. Users can create profiles that include desired settings for a certain area. That way, you can make sure that your phones Wifi always enables at home and/or that bluetooth always enables at work etc.

UX, Android, GeoFence

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Project Ecomon

We designed a working prototype for a sustainability application for Android and Web. The goal was to change peoples' attitudes against sustainability, and the idea was to encurage users to do sustainable actions, e.g., turning off unused electronic devices. These actions could be performed directly from the application, and users got promoted when they did!

Concept, Prototyping, Android, Gamification


A straightforward web page for the local housing society Skogsbrynet. The main goal with this project was to offer information to the users in a quick and easy way. The page is fully responsive and developed for Wordpress.

UX, WordPress

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About me

I find it very important to be good at what I do, and appreciate that I have the fortune to enjoy it at the same time! To continuously learn new things is one of my main visions, no matter if it's about new techniques, business, our society or about myself.

As an interaction designer, I love working with teams that aim for great user expreiences. I can be a part of the whole design process including problem analysis, user studies, prototype sketching, graphic design and programming.

I'm 25 years old and besides being a tech-nerd, I'm into sports (Hockey and football) and have played hockey my whole life. The last couple of years, I've taken a big interest in diversity questions and would love to learn more about these issues. After 5 years of studying and freelancing, I’m very excited of where my life is heading next!


I’m really interested in meeting new people or any job opportunity. Make sure to contact me:

bjuhr.peter@gmail.com +4676 - 810 50 27 My LinkedIn profile @pbjuhr